A River of Bubbles!

"Mommy, I am getting into the bath now!" called Sarah from the upstairs bathroom. She had learned at school that today was Bathtub Day. She thought it would be a great day for a nice bath.

"OK; please turn off the faucet as soon as you get into the bathroom," called Mommy, who had gone downstairs.

"I will!" said Sarah.

There was a clawfoot bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. Mommy called it their "bathroom creature" because it had claws! This type of bathtub looked as though it had little legs with feet. The tub was deep. It was the perfect place to play with rubber ducks. It also was a spectacular place to take a bubble bath.

Sarah noticed that Mommy had not put any bubble bath in the water yet. This was serious. A bubble bath without bubbles did not work too well. Sarah decided to add the bubble bath herself.

Mommy's bubble bath was on a small shelf by the tub. Mommy had other fancy things on her shelf. She had bath oil beads. They were round and full of blue liquid. She had pretty soaps. She had another tall jar of lavender bath salts. Sarah reached for the bottle of bubble bath.

Then Sarah realized that she was not sure how much bubble bath to add to the water. She wanted to do things all by herself now that she was a big girl. Sarah began to pour. She poured and poured. If a little bit of bubble bath made a few bubbles, then a lot of bubble bath would make a lot of bubbles. Sarah liked lots of bubbles in her bath.

Then Sarah remembered that her rubber ducks were in her room. She thought it would be fine to run and get them. The water was still slowly flowing into the tub. Sarah thought she would be right back. She did not turn off the water. Bubbles were forming. Pop! Pop! Pop! Sarah was glad she added bubble bath to the tub.

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