A Visit to a Tea Room

Hot Tea Month

Reading Comprehension for January 2

I was going to a formal tea party. This was going to be interesting. My friend Betsy was having a birthday in January, and she invited seven friends to a special tea party. I could not wait to go to her house. Betsy's house was lovely with a big yard and a pretty eating nook with windows looking out onto it.

However, Betsy's mom had other ideas. Betsy lived in the next town, and they had an old-fashioned main street. Apparently, Betsy's mom had discovered a tea room and thought it would be a great place for a girl's birthday party.

So, we were all told to meet at the Queen Elizabeth Tea Room. I had not been there before, but I knew where it was. My older brother, who had just gotten his driver's license, dropped me off at 1:00 to meet the others. "I'll be back at 3:30," he said.

I joined my friends Mary, Jackie, Joniqua, Laurel, Lynn, Shanella, and of course, Betsy. Betsy's mom greeted us with a warm smile.

"Welcome, girls! Come on in."

We walked into a beautiful room full of antique furniture. There was a huge sideboard with a mirror and lights from the 1800s. Several tables were decorated with fine lace and china cups, and a mural of flowers was painted on the wall. The hostess, named Angela, directed us to an oval table with eight chairs. A smaller table to the right had four chairs. Betsy's mother and three of her friends would be sitting there.

"You'll be sitting here, young ladies," Angela said. "However, you each may select a hat to wear, and I'll take your picture."

We walked around the room, admiring the pictures, china, and decor, and selected hats to match our pretty dresses. Then we gathered at the back of the table, with Betsy in the middle. Angela snapped our photograph. Then we sat down.

Angela began to explain. "In England, tea is a time to relax with friends. I'll be bringing you some hot apple spice tea. You'll also have some scones with Devonshire cream. You can dip your scones in the cream."

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