Acid Rain, Go Away!

Caption: Acid rain, woods, Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic

Have you ever splashed around in shiny galoshes during a storm? Rain makes a great backdrop for playing games. The air smells fresh, and puddles are fun. But one kind of rain is not refreshing. Acid rain harms people, animals, and plants. Acid rain should go away!

People are hurt by acid rain. A young boy named Marco lived in New Jersey. The northeastern part of the United States has many smoggy factories and smoke-spewing power plants. Marco loved to look up into the sky as it rained. He liked to open his mouth to catch the fresh-tasting water. However, this rain was not clean. It was acid rain. It came from pollutants created by the factories close to Marco's home. Marco didn't know that this kind of rain would make him sick.

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