America's Mountains: Some Tall, Some Small

America's geography is very interesting. America stretches all the way across the continent of North America and touches two oceans. Within America are grassy plains, forests, deserts, and swamps. Traveling north to south across America takes you from Arctic ice to tropical heat, all in one trip.

Some of America's most interesting geography is its mountains. On each side of America are two big mountain ranges. In the east stand the Appalachian Mountains. In the west sit the Rocky Mountains. Both mountain ranges stretch north to south nearly across the entire country.

The Rocky Mountains include some of the tallest mountains in the country. The tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains is Mount Elbert in Colorado at fourteen thousand, four hundred feet. The tallest mountain in the Appalachians is Mount Mitchell in North Carolina at six thousand, six hundred eighty-four feet. Millions of years ago, though, the Appalachian Mountains weren't just the tallest in America; they were the tallest in the world!

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