Anne's Published Diary

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam during World War II. Her family emigrated there from Germany after Adolf Hitler rose to power. The Franks, like so many other Jewish families, feared Hitler and his hate-filled regime. In 1942, Anne and her family were forced into hiding. They lived in a small, secret annex. Anne spent a lot of time writing in a diary. She wrote about her fears and her dreams. She wrote about the other people living in hiding with her family. She wrote about the sad fate that so many Jewish people were experiencing. The more she wrote, the more confident she became.

After writing in her diary for nearly two years, Anne heard a radio broadcast in March of 1944 that changed the way she viewed her private journal. A government official urged people to keep a diary during the war. He thought that diaries and letters could be published once the war ended so that no one would ever forget all that had occurred during this frightful time. Anne felt as though the voice in the radio was speaking just to her! Perhaps she could have her diary published! She revised her thoughts and rewrote some of the diary. She also wrote of her desire to have the diary .....

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