Be a Good Sport

If you enjoy sports, you may play games in the backyard with your friends. You may join a league. Would your friends call you a good sport? What are some rules for being a good sport? Maybe you would say that the first rule is "no cheating." Perhaps the second rule would be "don't cry or pout if you lose." The third rule could be "no yelling at others." If you chose those rules, you have made a good start. However, there is more to being a good sport.

1. A good sport follows the rules of the game. That means no cheating. It also means knowing the rules of the game and playing fair.

2. A good sport controls his or her temper. That means no crying or pouting. A good sport doesn't argue with the coach or the referee. A good sport doesn't start a fight with any of the players. A good sport doesn't trash talk the opposing team.

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