Being Scared

On a dark, dark night in my quiet, still room, sometimes I feel scared. Sometimes I am afraid that there is an alligator under my bed. Sometimes I am afraid that an evil creature is hiding in the shadows in my closet. Sometimes I am just afraid because I am alone. Have you ever been scared? Everyone feels scared sometimes.

When you are scared there are several things that you can do. First, you can tell someone how you are feeling. Often talking about our fears makes us feel better. Next, you can find someone or something to snuggle with. A cozy blanket and a good book are two great choices! Finally, you can face your fears. If you are afraid that there might be a monster under your bed, why not check? Turn on all of the lights and take a peek. Once you learn that there is nothing under your bed (except maybe some stinky shoes and some toys that your mom told you to put away) you may find that your dark room is no longer scary.

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