Bicycle Celebration

Bicycle Celebration

Reading Comprehension for September 6

On September 6, 1882, seven members of the Boston Bicycle Club set off on America's first club-sponsored, 100-mile bike ride! They started out from Worchester, Massachusetts. That way, they could end the ride in Boston, where they would no doubt be exhausted from the journey!

This trip in no way resembled a race. The cyclists were riding together. They stopped for meals, refreshments, and any necessary repairs. The journey began at 4:38 a.m. and ended around 9:30 pm. That was a long day of pedaling! They must have really treasured their bicycles!

You may not get permission to pedal your bike for 100 miles. You may not WANT to pedal for 100 miles! However, there are other ways of celebrating the wonders of the bicycle.

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