Blue-Footed Boobies

You might think the blue-footed booby has a funny name. But its name fits the bird very well. The blue-footed booby has bright blue feet. Booby comes from the Spanish word bobo. It means "fool" or "clown." The blue-footed booby is clumsy on land. Spanish sailors who named it thought it acted like a clown. The blue-footed booby is also very friendly and tame. This could mean trouble for the bird.

The blue-footed booby's body is a little less than three feet long. It weighs a little more than three pounds. Its brown wings are long and pointed. Its head and thick neck have brown and black streaks. The rest of its body is white. Its tail is a wedge shape. Its eyes are yellow.

The blue-footed booby eats only fish. It is an expert hunter. The booby flies over the water. It keeps its long bill pointed toward the water. When it spots a fish, the booby dives into the water. It barely makes a splash as it goes into the water. A few moments later, the booby pops up with the fish. The blue-footed booby doesn't have to be flying to catch fish. It can dive as it floats on top of the water.

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