Books Tell the Story

People like to tell stories. Thousands of years ago, fathers told their sons about their adventures. The sons told the same stories to their children. Later, humans developed written language. Stories could be put into books and saved. People wrote of journeys to new homes. Many of the stories are fiction, but they are based on real life experiences. You are now going to read about some of these books.

Allen Say is an author. In Grandfather's Journey, he recalls the trip his grandfather made from his native Japan to the United States. Years later, he and his family return to Japan. Grandfather tells his grandchildren how he misses the mountains and rivers of California. After Grandfather dies, his grandson goes to California. He wants to see for himself what his grandfather loved. Allen Say's words and illustrations show us what it was like for Japanese immigrants. Home of the Brave tells of life in internment camps during World War II. A Japanese mother teaches her children about her early life in America in Tree of Cranes.

Eve Bunting came to America from Northern Ireland. Two of her books are Jin Woo and How Many Days to America? Davey learns to love his newly adopted Korean brother in Jin Woo. In How Many Days to America? a family is forced to leave their Caribbean island home. They sail to America in a small fishing boat. The trip is anything but easy.

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