Buying in Bulk

Shoppers have been buying items in bulk for many years. Bulk items are usually sold in a large amount. For instance, paper towels may come in a bundled package of a dozen or more rolls of paper towels. Some bulk items are sold in their own large containers. For example, you might be able to buy a 50-pound bag of rice. Some bulk items are loose in large bins or barrels. The person buying these items scoops out as much as she wants and puts it into a small plastic bag. Nuts, grains, flours, and snack items are often sold in bulk in this way. These are the kinds of items we will be talking about today. There are some items that are only sold in bulk. The only way you will be able to buy this item is to take the time to scoop it into a bag.

Buying in bulk can be very convenient. When you buy in bulk, you can buy just the right amount. This saves you from being forced to buy more than you will use. You can also get a large amount of one item. This keeps you from having to buy several packages of the same thing.

When you are buying bulk items, don't reach into the container and grab the item with your hand. Attached to each item's container should be a scoop. This is what you will use to put the item into a bag. Scoop out as much as you think you will need. Then close the container. Nearby should be a scale. This will tell you how much you have. If you have enough, you are done. If you don't have enough, go back to the container and scoop more into the bag.

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