Captain Tom Saves the Day

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

Reading Comprehension for January 2

Miss White Mittens raced along the side of the wooden dock. The brightly painted boats rocked in the water. She stopped for a moment and washed some dirt off one of her paws. Then her spotted body leaped gracefully to the top of the stack of lobster pots where Tom Tucker, One-Eyed Jack, and Mike Mews sat in the sun.

Jack opened his one eye before turning his orange-striped back to White Mittens and dozing off again. Mike Mews stared at her with his green eyes and then winked at her. Tom Tucker's black and white face smiled in greeting.

"What brings you to the docks today?" asked Tom.

"We have a problem," said Miss White Mittens. "There are no fish for our Mew Year's Day party tomorrow."

One-Eyed Jack woke up right away. "No fish for Mew Year's Day? What a cat-astrophe!"

"We must do something about that," said Mike Mews. He looked around wildly. Then he calmed himself by washing his gray-striped tail.

Tom Tucker glanced at his friends. "I think I have a plan," he said to them.

Miss White Mittens' eyes glowed. "I knew you would not let us down, Captain Tom," she purred.

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