Dear Diary

Dear Diary Day

Reading Comprehension for September 22

Dear Diary,

It's Cecelia.

Today was a rough day - at least it started out to be. Sometimes friends can be mean. I was sitting in the lunch room, and Stephanie came in with her group of friends. Stephanie is very popular, and many of the kids want to hang around her. I've been trying to get into her group for a long time.

I've tried getting clothes in the same style as the in crowd. They call themselves the Cool Ones. Right now, the in shoes are flip flops with shiny baubles on them. So, I saved up my allowance to buy three pairs. That way, I have one to match every outfit.

I was very pleased with how my outfit turned out this week. My new flip flops sparkled with pink baubles, matching my pink Capri pants. My white and pink striped shirt matched the pants and flip flops. I felt very cool. (Truthfully, though, the flip flops hurt my feet a little.)

I strolled into the lunch room, thinking that this would be the day. This would be the day Stephanie would notice me and invite me to sit with them. She wasn't there yet, so I sat in a place near the door. Surely she would see me.

Well, she surely did see me. Stephanie and the Cool Ones sauntered through the door. Stephanie stopped when she saw me and glanced down her nose at me. I sat there nervously. Would I pass the cool test? Stephanie whispered to one of her friends, who snickered. Then Stephanie tossed her head and strolled to the lunch counter, saying loudly, I guess she doesn't know pink has been out for weeks now. She's behind the times.

The rest of the Cool Ones laughed out loud, taking a quick backward glance at me.

I was mortified. I nearly cried. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't eat any more. I sheepishly stood up and returned my tray. I walked to class with my head down.

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