Denali National Park

Many wonders can be found in our northernmost state. Alaska is home to several national parks. One of these is Denali National Park. Mt. McKinley is here. This is the highest point in the United States. It is 20,320 feet above sea level. The park has glaciers. There are 6 million acres of wildland. Only one road goes through the entire park. Private vehicles are not allowed on this road. You may take a bus, ride your bike, or walk.

Denali is home to many different species. It was first set aside to protect mammals. Many visitors come to see the "big five." They are moose, caribou, Dall sheep, wolves, and grizzly bears. Many other mammals make their home at Denali. Wolverines and red foxes live here, too. Many birds also make their home at Denali. Only one amphibian lives here. It is the wood frog. It is a very tiny frog. It is only a few centimeters long. It has adapted to live in the harsh winter weather. During winter, the wood frog hibernates. Special chemicals in the frog's body protect its organs from freezing while it hibernates. .....

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