Election of 1824

It was 1824. It was time for Americans to elect a new president to lead the country. There were four men running for president. Each of them had support from different parts of the country.

John Quincy Adams was liked in New England. He was the son of John Adams. John Adams was the second president of the United States. Adams had been Secretary of State. He also helped to end the War of 1812. People thought that he was very smart. Adams had trouble before the election. He did not like to be among people. To most people he seemed like a hard, cold man.

Henry Clay was liked in the west. He was a very smart politician. Clay was a member of Congress. People knew him as a person who was good at working out problems. He worked out several issues that helped keep the country from splitting apart. He did many good things.

Andrew Jackson was more popular in the west. Most people knew who he was. He had won important battles during the War of 1812. He was called "Old Hickory." This was because a soldier had said that he was as strong as hickory. Jackson owned land and slaves. People who were poor liked him anyway. Jackson had been born in a log cabin. His parents were poor farmers.

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