There are many authors who write fantasy stories. Gail Carson Levine writes award-winning fantasy stories. Ella Enchanted was her first published novel. It is a story of a girl named Ella. A fairy puts a curse of obedience on her. Whenever Ella is told to do something, she must do it. She also promises never to tell anyone about the curse.

Ella's mother dies, and she is sent away to school with her mean stepsisters. One of her stepsisters finds out about the curse. She makes Ella's life unbearable. Ella runs away and begs the fairy to lift the curse. The fairy refuses.

Prince Charmont asks her to marry him. Ella is afraid to marry him because of the curse. He commands her to marry and Ella tries not to obey. Ella does not obey and breaks the curse. They live happily ever after. Sound a bit familiar?

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