Endangered Animals

There are animals living all around us. We can spot animals in all sorts of places. We see animals in parks and in our own backyards. Another place to see many animals is at a zoo. Zoos have zookeepers to take care of the animals who live there. Zookeepers work hard to keep animals happy and healthy. Healthy animals can live for a very long time. Some animals are not healthy. Others have poor living conditions. These animals are not able to live full lives if they are not helped by humans.

A species, or one group of the same kind of animal, can risk extinction if too many of those animals fail to survive. Typically before this happens, these animals are placed on a special list. The list is called the endangered species list. This list helps the public become aware of the need to save these animals through conservation efforts. Conservation is a fancy word that simply means to protect and care for things in .....

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