Enthusiasm and Teamwork

International Enthusiasm Week

Reading Comprehension for September 7

Kadin and Marshall sat on the front porch at Marshall's house and talked about their soccer game.

"Wow, that was a great game," said Marshall, pulling off his shin guards.

Kadin shot Marshall a look. "Great! What do you mean, great? We lost again!" he cried in anguish.

"Yeah, but only by one point. In all of our other games, we've been destroyed. And, we finally played with enthusiasm and as a team," Marshall replied. "It's what our coach has been trying to accomplish all season!"

Kadin shook his head and sulked. "I can't believe you think it was great. I don't even want to play anymore. We've lost every game this year."

Marshall put his hand on Kadin's shoulder. "I can't believe you don't see it. We actually have a chance now. Just wait, I'll bet we win the game tomorrow."

"I doubt it. I think I'll just quit," said Kadin, shaking Marshall's hand off his shoulder. "I'm tired of losing."

"You can't quit. You're one of our best players. We need you to help keep this going!"

Kadin frowned at his friend. "Keep what going?"

"Our enthusiasm. Our teamwork. We can do this if we just keep working at it," said Marshall, excitedly.

"It will never happen," said Kadin, standing up and looking down at Marshall. "I'm going home now."

Marshall looked up at his friend and grinned slightly. "I'll see you at the game tomorrow, right?" said Marshall.

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