Ethan Learns from the Elephant

The big, beautiful lion lay in a cool, shady spot and licked his paws. He used his massive paw to wash behind his ears. Ethan and his dad watched the lions for several minutes and then moved on to the next exhibit at the zoo.

Ethan watched the giraffes rub their long necks against each other. The giraffes were such interesting animals, and Ethan laughed as he watched them.

It wasn't long until Ethan and his father stood in front of the elephant display. Ethan loved watching the elephants the most. The large animals looked like they would be clumsy and awkward, but they actually were very gentle and careful. The elephant handlers were in the display area with the elephants as Ethan and his father watched. The elephants were getting a bath. They all stood in line waiting their turn and seemed to enjoy the water running all over their backs.

The handler would encourage the elephants to pick up one foot at a time, and the handler would then wash that foot. Each elephant had a thorough bath and then had its teeth cleaned.

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