Every Kernel Pops

Every Kernel Pops

Reading Comprehension for January 22

One day Mom said that we were going to go to the movies. I was so excited. We drove to the theater. Mom bought our tickets. We walked inside. I smelled something. It smelled like my favorite snack. I could smell warm butter. Then I saw it. It was freshly popped popcorn. We bought some. Mom and I shared the popcorn. We crunched the popcorn as we watched the movie.

Popcorn has been around for hundreds of years. Popcorn was important to the Aztec Indians. They used it as food. Sand was heated in a fire. The kernels were stirred into the sand. When they got hot, they popped. The Aztecs used popcorn as decoration. They made necklaces. They made ornaments. They used it to make headdresses.

The Indians had a story about popcorn. The story says that quiet spirits lived inside the popcorn kernel. As the kernel was heated, the spirits would get angry. They would burst out of their homes. They would go into the air as steam.

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