Fort Sumter National Monument

The Civil War was a deadly war. It was the bloodiest war in the history of the United States. More than 600,000 people died. Many issues caused the Civil War. One of the main issues was slavery. The Constitution did not mention slavery. It did not say slavery was allowed. It also did not say it wasn't allowed. It allowed each state to make some decisions. One issue each state got to decide was slavery. Time passed. More states wanted to join the United States. The issue of slavery got more important. Some people thought slavery was wrong. They didn't want to let any more slave states join the country. Others agreed with slavery. They were worried that new states wouldn't be allowed to have slavery. They worried that slavery wouldn't be allowed in their states anymore.

Abraham Lincoln was elected president. He said that the country could not stay divided on the issue of slavery. This made the southern states believe that Lincoln would end slavery. Some states chose to secede from the Union. "Secede" means to withdraw. About one month after Lincoln was sworn in, the first battle of the Civil War was fought. The southern states said that all northern soldiers must leave the South. The first battle of the Civil War was fought at Fort Sumter. This is a fort in South .....

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