Fresh Air, Frisbees, and Friends

Mid Summer Day

Reading Comprehension for June 24

I let the warm heat from the sun seep into my back as I stretched out on the blanket. I let out a deep sigh. School was finally out for the summer, and I was very glad. It had been a hard year. We had experienced a number of snowstorms during the winter and had several snow days. Therefore, our school year was extended well into June. Usually, when we took our annual vacation to the beach, it was already midway through our summer vacation. However, I had only been out of school for about two weeks.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. My little brother and my father were out on their body boards. They could ride the waves for hours. They'd walk out a little distance and then catch a wave and ride it back towards the shore. Once in a while, my brother would be able to ride nearly all the way to where our umbrella was set up.

I enjoy body boarding, but only for a little while at a time. I'll make about ten rides into shore and then lay on my bright yellow and blue towel again. It feels so good to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

"Hey, Monica!" my sister cried.

"What?" I answered. "Leave me alone!"

"Oh, come on. Let's play Frisbee."

Arggh. I had just settled onto the blanket. Why does my little sister always want to play, anyway? Can't she learn to just enjoy the beach without being entertained by someone else?

"Come on, Monica! Throw it to me."

"Oh, all right." I got up reluctantly. "Here you go."

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