Good Grief! Don't Be a Griefer!

It was an amazing game. My strategy was working perfectly! I organized my team for one last attack. That's when I noticed that all of my safety zones had been destroyed. Ugh! I had worked really hard to create those. Then I saw the gamer who destroyed them. He was on my own team! He was griefing me. He was only playing this online game to bother people like me. How frustrating!

A griefer is a person who intentionally bothers others online. Some griefers hack into online communities. Others disrupt online games. Griefing is a form of cyberbullying. Griefers think that it is fun to annoy others online. Others in the gaming world, however, disagree with them. They don't think the griefing is fun. They think that the griefing and the griefers are annoying. Most people don't enjoy spending time, .....

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