He Had Good Jeans!

Levi Strauss Legend

Reading Comprehension for February 26

Note: this story is loosely based on a legend regarding Levi Strauss and his first pants that became very popular because of their strength. It should not be construed as complete fact.

"I can't believe you only have canvas left," muttered the miner. "I wish you had some pants. Our pants don't last long in this job."

Levi began to think. As a seller of dry goods, Levi always wanted to know what people might buy. He knew he would make money if he had items people wanted. The miners had bought nearly everything he had. All that was left was some canvas, good for making tents.

The man walked away without buying the canvas. As Levi rolled up the heavy fabric, he began to think. "I wonder if this material would work as a pair of pants." He felt the rough edges. "It may have the strength miners need."

Levi quickly carried the bolt to his wagon. He was excited now. He leaped up to the seat and urged his horses at a faster pace than usual.

"Jacob!" Levi shouted, almost falling off his wagon when he arrived at the shop of his friend, a tailor who made clothing.

Jacob Davis came out on the porch. "What is it, Levi?"

"What do you think of making heavy duty pants out of this material?" Levi called over his shoulder as he pulled out the canvas.

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