History of Honey

National Honey Month

Reading Comprehension for September 2

Honey has been around for ages. As long as there have been bees, there has been honey. Bees make honey. A bee is an insect. It has six legs and four wings. It has a stinger and a body part that holds nectar. Nectar comes from flowers. The bees fly from flower to flower. They get the nectar. They make the honey. They store it in a hive.

Why do bees make honey? It is food for them. Flowers do not bloom in the winter. They save the honey to eat in the winter. Some kinds of bees make more honey than they can eat. We can have some of their honey. It is sweet and tasty!

Honey is the only insect-made food that we eat. Think about it too long, and you may feel sick. If you eat honey, you are eating bug food!

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