Holding a Grudge

"It's not fair!" Jessie yelled. She stomped up the stairs. She slammed the door. She was very angry. Her sister Samantha drove her crazy. "She wants to go to the mall. I want to go get ice cream. She gets to go to the mall. She always gets her way," Jessie thought as her face tightened in a scowl. "Why doesn't Mom see it?"

Jessie plopped onto the foot of her bed and crossed her arms. She sighed. "I am so sick of this." She went on pouting for about five minutes. Then she heard someone knock on the bedroom door.

"Jessie," said her sister. "May I come in?"

"NO!" shouted Jessie. "You can stay out of my room and out of my life."

"I just want to talk," her sister answered.

"You've already talked enough!"

Jessie could hear her sister walk slowly down the stairs. "Humph. She can just stew for all I care."

Jessie stayed in her room all afternoon. She read books and played her video game. But all that time, she felt empty inside. She was lonely. Usually she and her sister played for many hours together. But she still hung on to her anger.

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