Home Inventions

"There's an app for that," said the announcer on the TV screen. "Need to balance your checkbook? There's an app for that, too."

"It seems like there is software to do just about anything," said Dad. "I wish there was something to make my life easier," Dad continued almost to himself.

"Supper's almost ready," said Mom from the kitchen.

Dad continued working on his laptop as the TV blared out the rest of the commercial and then went on to the news. Jordan and Kali played video games on their handheld consoles as they sat on the sofa.

"Kali, Jordan, did you hear your mother? Supper will be ready in a few minutes. Could you two wash your hands and set the table, please?" said Dad as he finished typing in some information on his computer and then set it aside.

Dad turned off the TV and then went to wash his own hands for supper. Everything was on the table when he got back to the dining room.

"Could you pass the potatoes, Jordan?" asked Mom. She took some green beans and then passed them on to Dad just as the potatoes were coming her way.

"Dad, I was thinking about what you said earlier when you wished there was something to make your life easier," said Jordan as he took the potatoes from Mom and placed a portion on his plate. "I think there are several things around here that would make all of our lives easier, but they are not things you can buy at the store."

"What kind of things are you thinking of?" asked Dad as he reached for a large piece of roasted chicken.

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