How Books are Made

Have you ever wondered how your favorite book was made? Books start with an idea. The author is the person who writes a book. The author writes out his or her ideas. Some writers like to write with a pen or pencil on paper, while others prefer to use a computer.

Thoughts must be organized and research done to ensure that information is correct. After that, many drafts of the manuscript are written before the book is finished.

When the manuscript of the book is complete, it must be proofread. During proofreading, errors are identified and corrected.

After this, the author looks for a publisher. Most authors are not published by the first publisher they contact. Sometimes an author will already have a publisher if he or she has already published other books.

When a publisher is found, an editor is assigned to work with the author. Another proofreader will go through the manuscript. An illustrator will be chosen if one is needed, and the cover of the book is designed. When all of the changes have been made to the manuscript, the illustrations and words are put together. Before the book is sent to the printer, a copy is sent to the author for him or her to read and make any final changes.

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