In 72 Days

In 72 Days

Reading Comprehension for November 14

Girls can do anything boys can do. Elizabeth Jane Cochran thought so. She was born on May 5, 1864. She was born in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth liked attention. It started when she was a baby. Her mother put her in a bright pink dress for her christening. (Most babies wear white.) She had a nickname. It was "Pinky."

Pinky loved to tell stories. She liked to write. She fought for equal rights for women. Once, she wrote a letter to a newspaper. She was mad about a story. The story was not fair to women. The editor of the newspaper found out she wrote it. He liked it. He hired her to write for the paper. At that time, it was not right for women to work. She had to change her name. She picked Nellie Bly.

Nellie Bly wrote stories for the paper. She worked undercover. Nellie was the first reporter to do this. She worked in a sweatshop. A sweatshop was a factory. People who worked there did not get paid very much. They had to work long hours. Nellie Bly wrote a story about how the workers were treated. The factory owners were mad.

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