Is It Really a Bargain?

"I like saving money!" Laura said to her friend Suzanne as they selected carts at the front door of their favorite department store.

"Me, too," Laura agreed. She took her coupon wallet out of her large black purse. "I'm really glad you taught me how to use coupons and watch for bargains. I'm saving about $50 a month on groceries now," she said as she read over a coupon. "Plus, I'm always getting discounts on clothes and restaurants."

"I'm glad," Suzanne said.

The ladies pushed their carts into a clearance aisle of the grocery side of the store. "Learning to look at the clearance shelf first has been a great plan," Laura said. "I can usually come up with at least one meal idea based on items on clearance."

Suzanne and Laura picked up some cans of spaghetti sauce that had small dents in them. There were also a few boxes of spaghetti noodles. "This will make an easy meal," Suzanne said. "My family loves pasta."

"Mine, too. I think I'll do up a big batch of spaghetti sauce and make a spaghetti pie with these boxes of spaghetti."

"You can make two pies and freeze one," Suzanne said.

"Good idea!"

The ladies walked along in silence, putting various items into their carts.

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