Jake and Jackie Learn about Etiquette, Part 2

Jake and Jackie sat in the classroom, ready to learn some more about etiquette. They had already had a formal dinner, during which they practiced the lessons they learned about table setting and gracious behavior during meals.

Today's lesson was dealing with everyday manners and business practices. The teacher would be giving them some pointers on common courtesies. She had a compiled a list of "Ten Common Courtesies."

"Good morning, students," she began.

"Good morning, Mrs. Jackson," Jake, Jackie, and the seven other boys and girls responded.

"Today I am going to share a list of what I feel are ten very important acts of courtesy that every person should practice. If you learn these early in life, you will form gracious habits. That will be very helpful for you in building relationships based on respect and kindness, and they may help you be treated kindly by others through the example you set."

Mrs. Jackson went on. "There are several books available about courtesy and kindness, and some of these ideas came from or are adapted from these books." Mrs. Jackson began to pass several books around to the students, including The Little Instruction Book of Business Etiquette by Valerie Soklowsky, The Little Book of Etiquette by Sheila M. Long, and Minding Your Business Manners by Marjorie Brody.

"As a side note, class, why do you think I am showing you these books?"

Jake raised his hand.

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