Jake and Jackie Learn about Gardening, Part 2

Grandpa was back for his regular visit. He, with Jake and Jackie's help, had planted a garden in Jake's back yard. Grandpa came by about three times a week to work in the garden, and sometimes Jake and Jackie stopped by to talk with him.

"Today, I'm going to show you about maintaining a garden," Grandpa said. "Several weeks ago, you helped me plant this garden. Can you see how it has changed?"

Jake and Jackie nodded. It seemed that almost daily there were new leaves and blossoms. The plants got larger and bushier, and new buds formed on the marigolds. There were now little flowers on the tomato and bean plants. It seemed easy to them.

Grandpa started to talk in more detail. "I want you to understand that, although a garden does a lot of growing on its own, it needs our help."

"Our help?" Jackie asked with a puzzled face.

"Yes. There are several tasks that need to be done regularly in order for a garden to grow well."

"Like what?" Jake asked.

"Well, like regular watering. If it doesn't rain, we have to water several times a week. Sometimes, we have to water every day during particularly dry spells."

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