Jake and Jackie Organize Their Own Olympics

"I've got a great idea!" Jake said suddenly as he and Jackie enjoyed icy lemonade on a hot June day.

"What?" Jackie asked after sipping a bit of the refreshing liquid.

"Let's have a neighborhood Olympic competition in honor of the Summer Olympics!"

Jackie sipped some more of her lemonade before responding. "Not a bad idea," she said.

Both Jackie and Jake were looking forward to watching the Summer Olympics that would be starting in just a few weeks. Whenever the Olympics were on, Jake was practically attached to the TV set, watching all the different competitions.

Jackie loved the Olympics, too. She especially enjoyed all the swimming and diving events because she loved to swim. Sometimes while competing on her swim team, she pretended she was going for a gold medal for her country. She imagined herself on the podium, lowering her head to receive the medal around her neck.

"So, Jackie, what do you think?" Jake asked again, realizing that Jackie was off in another world.

"What? Oh, I'm sorry," Jackie replied. "I was just imagining being in the Olympics."

Jake grinned. "I do that sometimes, too. But what about having our own Olympics here in our neighborhood?"

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