John's Own Room

A Room of One's Own Day

Reading Comprehension for January 25

"Dad!" shouted John as he stomped into the living room.

Dad laid down his newspaper and waited expectantly for John to speak.

"What is the problem now?" he asked.

"Joe put his toys on my bed again. For some reason he thinks he can play there," complained John.

"Joe has been told to leave your things alone," said Dad. "I will talk to him again. Is that what you wanted?"

John sighed. "Well, no. I really wish I had a room of my own."

"Ahhh," said Dad. "I wondered if that was going to come up. I know we have talked about building on to the house, but it won't happen any time soon. We just don't have the money for that."

John's face fell. It would be so much easier to put up with Joe if things were going to change soon. He turned to leave.

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