Lester Learns to Listen

Mrs. Larson said to Lester, "Please don't lean back in your chair."

But Lester didn't listen and fell on his derrière.

"Lester, watch out for that banana peel," warned little Lucy Belle.

But Lester didn't listen, so Lester slipped and fell.

Leona passed on a message, "Lester, you're supposed to ride the bus."

But Lester didn't listen and he missed his Uncle Russ.

Lester tried playing school basketball. The coach went over all the rules,

but Lester didn't listen. He made his teammates look like fools.

When Lester went to painting class, here's what the teacher said,

"To make orange for your painting, mix the yellow paint with red."

Lester didn't listen. He mixed two colors that made green.

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