Lisa's Picnic

Egg Salad Week

Reading Comprehension for April 9

It was so beautiful outside. The sky was bright blue. There were puffy white clouds in it. The sunshine felt warm on Lisa's arms. She wanted to have a picnic.

She ran inside.

"I want to go on a picnic, Mom," she said. "I want to go to the park. We can take some sandwiches. It will be fun!"

"That sounds like a good idea," her mother said. "You go get ready. I will call your aunts and uncles. Maybe they would like to go, too."

Lisa changed clothes. She put on her best running shoes. She tied a yellow ribbon in her hair. The picnic was going to be so much fun!

Mother packed things for the picnic. She put a tablecloth in the basket. She put paper plates and cups in the basket. She put potato chips and pickles in the basket. She put a bag of cookies and some apples in the basket, too. Last, she made some egg salad and put it in the cooler.

By the time Lisa and her mother were ready, three of her uncles and four of her aunts had arrived.

They all got in two cars and rode to the park. Lisa had such a good time!

She looked for pretty rocks in the creek with Uncle David and Uncle Corey. She climbed a tree with Uncle Justin. Aunt Kayla and Aunt Mary played jump rope with her. Aunt Nina and Aunt Traci showed her how to play hopscotch.

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