Litter is trash that has been left in the wrong place. It is an ugly thing to look at. We've all walked down the side of the road and seen pop cans and paper in the grass. Some of the litter can take hundreds of years to disappear. Litter can also hurt animals that try to get the leftover food.

Don't ever throw food out of a car window. Some people do so the food isn't in the car. But this food makes animals come toward the road. Cars hit many animals trying to get the food.

A piece of paper takes thirty days to break down into little pieces. A pop can will take two hundred years! What would happen if everyone threw their litter outside? Before long, it would cover everything.

Litter is very bad for animals. They can get their heads caught in metal cans. The cans smell good to them. They are trying to get the food that they can smell inside. Before throwing out cans, you should rinse them first.

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