Living on a Volcano

What am I? I could be a mountain. I could be a hill. I have a crater on top. It looks like a cup. Ash and lava erupt from me. I'm a volcano.

Volcanoes are found in many places. Some are in the United States. Some are in Africa. Some are in South America. Volcanoes are all over the world. A volcano may erupt. When it does, hot lava and ash shoot out of it. The lava flows like a river. Some volcanoes erupt often. Others erupt only one time.

Some people call one volcano their home. Tristan da Cunha is an island. It is in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is also a volcano. It is halfway between South Africa and South America. It is over one thousand two hundred miles away from any other land.

Tristan da Cunha is small. It is controlled by the British. In 1816, three men decided to live there. One's name was William Glass. He set up a constitution of laws. Other people came. Some came because of shipwrecks. Some just wanted to settle there. The number of people on the island grew. Today, there are around three hundred people living there.

After World War II, life on the island changed. A small factory was built. The factory processed spiny lobsters. The lobsters were caught by fisherman. Before that, the people of the island did not have money. A money system was created. Once a year, a ship came to the island. It was sent by the British. It brought supplies. It brought medical help.

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