Lucy's Lesson

Procrastination Day

Reading Comprehension for September 6

Lucy did not like to work. Work was hard, but play was fun. When there was work, she put it off.

Lucy's mother knew it was a bad habit.

"Lucy," she said, "Did you make your bed?"

Lucy shook her head.

"I am sorry, Mom," she said. "I forgot. I will do it later." Then she ran outside to play.

When Lucy came back in, Mom was folding clean clothes.

"Lucy," said Mom. "Your clean clothes are folded. You need to put them away."

"I will, Mom," said Lucy. "I need to get a drink first."

"Do not forget to do it, Lucy," said Mom.

"I will not," said Lucy.

But she did.

Later, Mom saw the pile of clothes. She frowned. Lucy had not done her work... again.

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