Making a Difference in Faraway Lands

Kendall Ciesemier was only eleven years old when she decided to make a difference. It started by watching the Oprah Winfrey Show. The show was about children who were alone in Africa. Their parents had died from AIDS. The children were left to take care of themselves.

Kendall was saddened by this. She wanted to help. She collected the money that she had been saving. She had three hundred sixty dollars. She told her parents that she wanted to send the money to Africa to help the children. They found an organization for Kendall to donate her money to. Kendall's money helped an eight-year-old girl. Kendall got a letter from the girl a few months later. The girl told Kendall she was doing well. She was excited because she was getting ready to start school for the first time. Kendall knew she had made a difference in that girl's life. She knew she could help more children.

Kendall set a new goal. Her goal was to raise sixty thousand dollars. During this time, Kendall had to have two liver transplants. She spent time in the hospital. Her fundraising did not stop. She asked her friends and family to donate money to her cause instead of sending her flowers and gifts during her hospital stay.

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