Marco Is Missing

Danni put her notebook in her backpack. She put two pencils and a pen in it, too. She picked up her backpack and went to the window. It was starting to snow. She and Marco would have to hurry. They had to get home soon.

Danni walked down the hall. She opened the door of the kindergarten room. She looked around. Where was Marco?

Miss Martin came to the door.

"Hi, Danni," she said. "Did you come for Marco?"

"Yes, ma'am," Danni said. "I do not see him, though."

Miss Martin looked around. "I don't see him, either," she said. "I know he is here someplace. Let's see if we can find him."

Miss Martin looked behind the chalkboard. Marco was not there.

Danni looked under the tables. She found some crayons and a pen. She didn't find Marco, though.

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