Marla Paints

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Reading Comprehension for January 31

There was a girl who began painting pictures when she was very young. When she was only four years old, people began to notice that her paintings were very good. Her parents started selling her paintings. People paid lots of money for them. Some people have paid fifteen thousand dollars for one painting! The money was put in the bank. It is being saved for the girl. Someday she will use it to go to college.

The little girl's name is Marla. She loved to paint. She learned by watching her father paint. Her paintings are not of trees or houses or rainbows. No, her paintings are abstract (AB-strakt). That means that all you see are colors dancing across the canvas. You do not see people or birds or flowers. You see red and black and white. You see blues and greens and yellows. You see how Marla mixed all kinds of colors together.

Marla's parents helped her begin painting. They gave her canvas. They gave her paints. They let her use brushes and spatulas. She even squirted paint out of ketchup bottles. She often used her fingers to paint on the canvas! Marla's art has been shown on TV.

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