Megan Makes the Bowling Team

Megan finally made it on the school varsity bowling team. Their team made it into the district finals this year. If they won a slot at districts, their team could make it to the state tournament. The bowling team had never been to the state tournament.

Megan wanted her team to win. She was excited about the district tournament. She knew she was not the best bowler on the team, but she was a good bowler. Megan had been on the junior varsity team most of the year. Then she became an alternate for the varsity team. If anyone was unable to play or was taken out, Megan filled in.

After the last district practice session, the coach spoke privately with her about the district tourney. "Megan, I want you to go with the team to the district playoffs. You probably will not bowl, but I want you to come with the team as a substitute, okay?"

Megan had mixed feelings. She knew she should have been thrilled, but she was disappointed. Going to the district playoffs meant she would have to miss a day of school. Megan was an honor student. She did not want to jeopardize her grades by missing school. She knew she would have to make up all of the work she missed while she was gone.

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