Melinda Lou's Hamburgers

Melinda Lou Thomas was a little girl. Her nickname was Wendy. Her father's name was Dave. Her mother's name was Lorraine. Melinda was the youngest in her family. Her father had a dream. He wanted to open a restaurant. He did. The restaurant was famous for hamburgers. He named his restaurant "Wendy's."

Wendy's is a popular restaurant. It was the dream of Dave Thomas. Dave Thomas was born in New Jersey on July 2, 1932. He was adopted by the Thomas family. Dave's mother died when he was five years old. He spent a lot of time with his grandma. She taught him life lessons. She believed it was important to help people. She treated people with respect.

The Thomas family moved around a lot. Mr. Thomas changed jobs a lot. Dave got his first job when he was twelve years old. He delivered groceries. He also worked at a soda counter. Then he got a job at a restaurant. Dave liked watching the families. He enjoyed seeing them have fun. Dave knew that someday he would have a restaurant of his own.

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