Mighty Mouth

I am your mouth, and I think I am more important than most of the other parts of your body. I chew your food and start the digestion process. Sometimes I help you breathe. I am very useful when you want to talk, too! Can you see why I think I am so important?

I am supposed to tell you about my job in the digestive system. Well, it all begins with me. When you take your first bite, your salivary glands start working. They put saliva into your mouth to wet and soften your food. Your teeth grind your food into a big, wet ball. Don't hurry, though. It takes from five to thirty seconds to really chew your food well.

Chemicals in your saliva start making changes in your food. Almost like magic, the starch in bread starts to break down. Food must be turned into sugar so your body can use it. A few more good chews, and it's time for the chewed-up food to go. Your tongue pushes the ball of chewed food to the back of your throat. A trap door opens, and there goes the food!

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