Miss Brenda's Good Table Manners Game

Hey, kids, would you like to play a game? It is called Miss Brenda's Good Table Manners Game. It will be fun. Honest!

First, you need to know good table manners. You should know what to say when the hostess at the table offers you some food. You should never say, "Yuck! That's nasty!" If you don't want a helping of a certain food, you simply say, "No, thank you." If it looks good and you are hungry, you should say, "Yes, please." Thus, if I offer you a bowl of rotten egg yolks, you would not cry, "Pee-yeww!" You would say, "No, thank you." And if I offer you your favorite pizza, you would say, "Yes, please!"

There is one other table manner to learn before you play the game. How should you leave the table when you have finished eating? It is never polite to slide out of your chair and under the table to crawl away. That is bad manners! Instead, you must ask the hostess, "May I be excused?" In most cases, the hostess will give you permission to leave the table. Sometimes you may be asked to wait for others to finish. Sometimes you may want to wait for dessert!

To play this game, you need to remember the three responses for good table manners: Yes, please; no, thank you; and may I be excused? I hope you can remember them!

The rules of the game are as follows:

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