My Great and Green New Year

It's almost time for the party, and I can hardly wait! My friends and family will be arriving soon. We are going to celebrate New Year's Eve. Then at midnight we'll ring in the New Year. Most years, getting ready for this party is a big deal. First we buy and mail paper invitations. Then we decorate the house using lots of crepe paper. We also set out packages of paper plates, cups, and plastic silverware. Finally, it's time to put out the noisemakers. These cardboard favors are fun to blow when the clock strikes twelve.

This year, though, is going to be different. This year, our New Year's party is going green. My mom and I decided that this year we can throw a great New Year's party and help the Earth at the same time. First, we sent out email invitations instead of mailing paper ones. This saved paper and kept me from licking envelopes! Then we decorated the house using recycled materials. I made "Happy New Year" banners and posters to welcome our friends. Next .....

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