My Red Hen

My name is Fred. I have a hen. A hen is a girl chicken. A chicken is a bird. My hen's name is Penny. She has feathers. All birds have feathers. Her feathers are red. She is the same color as a penny. Penny is a good pet.

Penny has two wings. All birds have wings. Many birds use their wings to fly. Some birds cannot fly. Penny does not fly away from me. She has a long neck. Penny has a red comb on top of her head. She has a beak. All birds have a beak or a bill.

Penny has two legs. She uses her feet to scratch in the dirt. She uses her beak to peck. She pecks at the dirt. She eats insects. She eats seeds. She eats grain. I give her special food, too. She likes to be fed.

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