Nancy Krulik

Nancy Krulik is a book author. She writes children's books. Nancy gets many ideas for her books from her own life. She even gets ideas from her kids' lives. Children of many ages can enjoy Nancy's numerous books. She has written more than 200 of them! Nancy really knows what kind of books kids want to read.

Nancy Krulik was born in New York. Her family moved to New Jersey when she was nine. She lived there until she was eighteen. Nancy always liked writing. The first story she wrote was in first grade. She wrote about wanting to be Mary Poppins. Nancy didn't always want to be an author. She wanted to be an actress when she was a teenager. Nancy changed her mind in college. That's when she decided to be a writer.

Nancy grew up and became a great writer. She has won awards for some of her books. Many of Nancy's books are well-liked. Kids enjoy her Katie Kazoo Switcheroo books. There are 35 Katie Kazoo books. Nancy has also written a series about Katie's silly friend, George Brown, Class Clown.

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