Not His Mother

National Puzzle Day

Reading Comprehension for January 29

Luis Sanchez lay in bed. His sister, Carmen, was at school. Luis had to miss school. Luis was sick.

Mrs. Lopez had gone upstairs for a minute. What was taking her so long? Luis was all alone. He wished his mother had not gone to work. He wished that she was there to rub his back. Maybe he would call her and beg her to come home. Mrs. Lopez was okay, but she was not his mother.

Luis heard somebody outside the door. Keys jangled. A door was opened and shut, but it was not the door to the Sanchez home. Next he heard the sound of footsteps hurrying by. A car door opened and shut. The engine roared, and the car pulled away. Where was Mrs. Lopez?

Finally Mrs. Lopez came back and slipped into Luis's bedroom. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Awful," Luis said.

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